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Sharks have long captured the imagination and fascination of humans, and will continue to do so. The interests in shark-safari expeditions among wildlife enthusiasts and thrill-seekers has exploded during the past couple of years, and the trend will not likely subside in the near future. Whether it’s the desire for an adrenaline rush, or a yearning for […]

Iceland is a country of stark contrast. The destination has quickly taken its rightful space into the spotlight and is now showing the world what we’ve all been missing. Indeed, Iceland is dark and cold for much of the time, but you’d be amazed by the lush, greenery vivid against its translucent waterfalls.

As Thailand’s biggest island, Phuket is easily accessible and acts as a gateway to a myriad of beautiful national parks, deep jungle hideaways, pristine beaches, and serene islands. There are plenty of opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and Heart Pumping Adventure Sports. From island excursions, excellent diving trips, tropical safaris – we list our top five […]

During my recent stay in Hong Kong, I decided to spend a full day in the former Portuguese province of Macau. Macau is mainly known for its blend between Portuguese and Chinese culture, as well as the gambling industry on the island. Casinos such as The Venetian, Wynn and Casino Lisboa attract millions of tourists […]

As one of the world’s largest metropols, London has no shortage of attractions and things to do. The quintessential capital of Great Britain is a gateway to an abundance of architectural wonders, world-famous landmarks and quaint cobbled alleys. London has been termed the most powerful, most desirable, most influential, most innovative, and the most vegetarian-friendly […]