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3 Quirky and Unusual Things to Do in London

As one of the world’s largest metropols, London has no shortage of attractions and things to do. The quintessential capital of Great Britain is a gateway to an abundance of architectural wonders, world-famous landmarks and quaint cobbled alleys. London has been termed the most powerful, most desirable, most influential, most innovative, and the most vegetarian-friendly city in the world. But after you’ve seen Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral, what next? For the thrill-seekers and nature-lovers who are looking to do experience something more memorable and different in London – this article is for you.


Connect to Nature at Lonson ZSL ZOO

The ZSL Zoo in London is built across 36 acres of beautiful parkland, and houses 17,000 creatures, just over 700 species of animals, many of which are endangered in the wild. Conservation of wild animals is one of Zoological Society of London’s main priorities, and through recovery programmes, the Zoo is trying to bring the most threatened species back from the brink of extinction. A visit to the ZSL London Zoo is ideal if you want to come face to face with animals such as grand elephants, majestic lions and lovable giraffes. There are plenty of themes areas to enjoy – the Reptile House was the Harry Potter filming site in which Harry sets a Burmese python free. The amphitheatre-style Lion’s Temple is home to some of the most beautiful big cats, the Gorilla Kingdom is designed to recreate the African rain forest, and the Tiger Territory houses critically endangered Sumatran tigers. Although there is no shortage of things to see and do at the ZSL Zoo, I would recommend the Meet the Animals experience. It is an educational and interactive experience that allows you to be immersed in nature despite being smack in the middle of a major metropol.


Climb One Of Europe’s Largest Arenas

The O2 is a gigantic entertainment complex, the second largest arena in the UK, and the busiest music venue in the world. You might have visited the O2 for a concert, a game of bowling, or to grab a bite to eat, but did you know you can actually climb the iconic roof of it? This adrenaline fueled activity gives you access to unparalleled views of London, but the journey to the viewpoint is just as thrilling as the view itself – if not even more so. You are given the choice to climb the O2 either in the daylight, at sunset, or at twilight after the sun has set. This gives you the option to see a variety of different cityscapes. Up at the O2 offers one of the most fascinating and out-of-the-ordinary ways to see London.


Snorkel With Sharks in Central London

London is so much more than Piccadilly Circus, Kensington Palace, Trafalgar Square, and Notting Hill. When thinking of London, fish may not be the first thing to spring to mind, which is why so many are surprised to learn that this British capital houses one of Europe’s largest displays of global aquatic life. At Sea Life Sea Life London Aquarium, you can wander through a picturesque glass tunnel enclosed in a majestic 25 meter-long blue whale skeleton! If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not witness the world’s biggest collections of Cownose rays, interact with crabs, anemones, and starfish, or snorkel with sharks! It is no wonder Sea Life attracts more than one million visitors each year, and you would be a fool to give this attraction a miss.

Have you been to London? What type of activities are your favourites? Would you ever consider to do something out-of-the-ordinary such as getting up close to a giraffe or climbing Europe’s largest arena?



  • Heather

    Wow! What a great and unique list! Haven’t been to London in about 10 years so it’s time to make a trip soon, and these are at the top of my list! Well… maybe not the sharks haha!!

  • Blanca

    I had no idea they had such a large aquarium. The one in Lisbon is my fave so far…guess I have a reason to go to London soon. I was only there on a layover. Any tips on restaurant?

    • Nordh

      Neither did I until I did some research for out-of-the-ordinary things to do. I’d already ticked off all the classics so wanted to do something completely different! I’d recommend The Wigmore by The Langham hotel. I had the a vegan burger and red pepper relish and it was delicious!

  • Cindy Ingalls

    My niece is obsessed with giraffes so I know she would love to visit the zoo and see some IRL.

  • Sundeep

    London is already in our bucket list but not these places and after reading your blog I can’t afford to miss these places so I am adding all these places too

  • Catherine Salvador Mendoza

    I wish that I could choose to snorkel with sharks, sounds so much fun and unique. Aye! But I’m quite terrified of sharks! haha So I would choose to visit ZSL Zoo since I’m an animal lover. I’d love to see the lovely giraffes, elephants, and many more interesting and cute animals. It really sounds quirky because when I think of London, I can only imagine the big red bus and big cities! Oye! Good to know, though!

    • Nordh

      For cute animals, head to the ZSL ring-tail lemurs exhibit. It is a walk-through exhibit where you can get really close to the lemurs!

  • Parnashree Devi

    These are really off beat things to do in London. Out of all three, I would like to climb the iconic roof of O2. I m sure that it will give me some breathtaking vistas of the city. Thanks for letting me know these things. I m well prepared next time while planning my activities in London

    • Nordh

      The climb across the O2 roof was so much fun and such an odd thing to do in London! I’m so glad I did it, it’s a fun thing to have on one’s bucket list!

  • Brittany

    I want to visit London so badly and can’t wait for my upcoming trip this fall! I didnt know you could snorkel with sharks, this is something I would DIE FOR! How come I never knew about this!? Crazy! I’ve always wanted to get close to sharks but never had an opportunity to go cage diving, so this is definitely such a great option!

  • Abby Hewes

    Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun! I didn’t know any of these opportunities were available in London!

  • Edward

    Any tips of upscale or modern boutique hotels in London? I’m keen on experiencing Shangri-La at the Shard but there are so many options and my girlfriend is arguing for us to stay at The Ritz. Input, please?

    • Nordh

      I stayed at The Langham and Threadneedles and I loved both. Langham has a 16-metre indoor swimming pool and relaxation area which I enjoyed a lot. I can’t speak for The Ritz since I haven’t stayed there, nor have I stayed at Shangri-La in London, but Shangri-La properties in general have great amenities, in my opinion.

  • Rosey

    That would be cool to do the roof climb. I visited London once. I would love to go back again.

  • Terri Beavers

    I love finding unusual places to see when I travel. There are usually fewer people around those areas. I am going to have to add your picks to our next trip to London.

  • emma iannarilli

    I love London Zoo, the setting is gorgeous and I love all the art deco enclosures. Such a great place to visit.

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