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Why You Should Visit Amusement Parks As An Adult

Influenced by ancient events like fairs, pleasure gardens and carnivals, attraction parks date back to the mid-1800s. Whenever I visit a new country, I always make sure to include at least one visit to an amusement park on my holiday itinerary. Whether it be an aqua park at a a five-star hotel built on a man-made island or a 3,000-square-foot house of horrors, you are never too old for a spellbinding journey and rollicking adventures. There is no age limit as to when you can go and enjoy a good theme park.


Attraction Parks Offer a Dose of Healthy Escapism

Amusement parks offer a relief from the daily tensions and whisk you away to a place of amazement. It allows you to journey beyond imagination where you can enjoy thrilling rides and attractions, extraordinary entertainment and scintillating shows. It is an escape from the real world, where you can lose yourself in the story and relive your childhood memories, completely immersed in your childhood imaginings and fantasy adventures.


Attraction Parks Offer Safe Thrills

Although being an adrenaline junkie myself, I understand that not everyone is looking to go acro-paragliding, skydiving, or fly a jet. Some people prefer soft adventures, and with attraction parks, they can get just that. Many parks are good at replicating experiences such as free-falls – all in a safe environment with vigorous of safety precautions and restrictions.


Colours, Structure and Tastes All Come Together

Being a photography buff, I am always interested in eye-catching settings for my photographs. Many attraction parks are colourfully decorated, and their whimsical exterior make for great photo oppotunities. Chinese-inspired gardens are juxtaposed with action-packed rides, enchanting fairy tale castles and eccentric circus caravans. These wondrous environments not only create a feeling of amazement, but also offer some spectacular backdrops for your photographs.


Attraction Parks Help Alleviate Stress and Improves Mood

It has been scientifically proven that thrill rides reduces stress by exposing us to “good fear”. A thrilling roller-coaster ride contributes to the release of adrenaline, which strengthens your body so that you could fight or flee. Your body also releases endorphins, a strong chemical that makes you feel relaxed and confident. In a way, it gives us the same kind of natural high that we get from physical exercise. While riding a 20-story-high wooden roller coaster all your real world problems seem so miniscule and helps you lose the burdens of reality. The fun you are having outweigh the worries of impending mortgages and future responsibilities. In a sense, going to attraction parks can become therapeutic.


Visits to Attraction Parks Foster Bonding Time with Family and Friends

There is few better ways to have fun than visiting an adventure park with friends and family. There are several hectars of land dedicated to a variety of foods, drinks, shows and attractions, thrilling and casual rides. Attraction parks are becoming better at throwing in rides that would appeal to several demographics, encouraging more multigeneration family visits. From the most bone-jarring rides to the soothing 400-foot observation wheel – there is something for everyone. It is all about making memories with your friends and family, and what better way to make them 5in a place that fosters bonding while everyone is having having fun at a place that blends entertainment, thrills of adventure and endless fun.

Do you enjoy visiting attraction parks? What is your favourite aspect of visiting them? Do you have a favourite park and what makes a perfect one?



  • Amrita

    Yes, I totally love to visit amusement parks. I feel that they are the best places to visit to relieve stress if I am unable to travel during that time. I particularly love the water sports at the amusement parks. I do have an eternal fear of water and usually very wary of indulging in water sports at the seas. But I can enjoy them at the amusement parks and enjoy like a carefree adult! And I totally agree that they are a great place for bonding with family and friends.

    • Nordh

      Yes, I LOVE water and splash parks! The best experience I had was when I rode trapdoor vertical water slide. The adrenaline rush was thrilling! Terrifying water slides are just so much fun and makes me feel all alive!

  • Adele Gee

    I am definitely enjoying amusement parks as an adult. There is much more freedom in choosing what I am comfortable taking in a ride. It is definitely my escape as I go back to carefree childhood times with an adrenaline rush on the rides. I’m happy to read of like-minded adults.

    • Nordh

      Glad to hear I am not alone in feeling this! I love adrenaline-filled rides, the fun and games, and themes of certain parks, such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And it is so soothing to escape every-day life and become that kid again.

  • Summer Austin

    I hadn’t really considered including amusement parks into my travel itinerary until I visited Vienna. There was the most charming amusement park there called Prater and I realized how fun of a destination it would be! I agree, amusement parks offer great photo opportunities — all the colors!

    • Nordh

      I had to look that one up cause I hadn’t heard of it before but it really does look charming! I agree with you, once you’ve tried a great amusement park you’re kind of hooked and feel like you need to add it to your next destination.

  • Josh

    I can’t believe the original Disneyland wasn’t included in this article! As well as magic mountain it’s such an icon! Excellent list all the same! I hve a thing for roller coasters and I don’t care how much I have to wait in line – I always jump straight for the scariest ones! For some reason I love watching pov video clips of rides cause they actually make me feel like I’m on the rides. I love it!

    • Nordh

      It’s a great park I give you that! I’ll probably do a post in the near future about my experience at each park I’ve visited, or I might do a serie to include them all.

  • Bhushavali N

    That makes me think about it! The last time I visited an amusement park was more than a decade ago! I do have some fond memories and I’d love to visit again. Somehow I never came around with a concrete plan.
    Indeed they provide safe thrills and looking at your ballet pose in front of the carousel, can’t deny how fascinating the photos would be with amusement parks as location!

  • Paula

    Love the photos! Amusement parks can be very romantic and especially when it has already gotten darks outside. I think it is a perfect setting for a date! Now that I have kids, I can’t got to amusement park without them of course, but we used to do it when it was just two of us. So much fun!

    • Nordh

      You could definitely treat yourself to a visit even without the kids, but it’s also fun to go with the family and making memories with loved ones.

  • Ami Bhat

    I love getting the kid me out when I visit these parks and for me that is the basic reason to get here. Loved your reasons too and agree with them all. Definitely a good bonding time with friends and it does relieve a lot of stress.

    • Nordh

      Exactly, getting the kid out of oneself is so rewarding! We all need some thrills in our lives.

  • Clas

    I’ve been to EVERY Six Flags and EVERY Disneyland in the States and hold a seasonal pass since years back and try to go as often as I can. I’ve also been to a few parks in Europe but they don’t even compare to the parks in America. A perfect theme park offers plenty of extreme rides with steep drops. My favorite ride is without a doubt The Joker’s Jinx!

    • Nordh

      I envy you! I haven’t been to each and every one but it’s definitely on my bucket list. There are some really nice water parks in Europe and some really crazy parks in Asia! If you’re an attraction park aficionado then head to Asia for some memorable experiences.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m a kid a heart so I still love visiting amusement parks. Your reasons definitely make me want to visit one! I never knew that thrill rides have been found to reduce stress. Next time I am really stressed I will know where to go!

    • Nordh

      So glad to hear I’m not the only one and I’m happy I could inspire a visit!

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