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Jungle Adventures At The High Ropes Adventure Park MegaAdventure Singapore

Located amidst the lush and tranquil environment on the resort island Sentosa lies the MegaAdventure Singapore. This aerial course park is home to four adventure activities – one 36-obstacle treetop ropes course, a 15m Mega Jump free fall simulator, a rock-climbing wall, and the world famous MegaZip. In fact, the park houses one of the longest and steepest zip wires in all of Asia, and as an avid adventure park aficionado, I was very excited about my visit.

The scenery on the way up to the park, which is located at the top of Mount Imbiah, is stunning and gives you a completely different view of Singapore. Upon arrival, I was fitted into a harness with wire carabiners. The instructors explain everything you need to know and share the safety instructions before each obstacle course.

MegaAdventure Singapore

MegaAdventure Singapore

MegaAdventure Singapore

MegaAdventure Singapore

MegaClimb is a high ropes adventure course, constructed on 5 – 15 metre high Eucalyptus trees. The MegaAdventure Singapore offers a total of three levels of obstacle courses, with each level gradually increasing in height. There are a total of 12 treetops obstacles at each level. The obstacles are made out of ropes, floating planks, wires, wooden logs, wobbly beams and shaky ladders. There are instructors available at all times, but for the most part you are on your own, and if you fall, you have to pull yourself up.

I conquered all three levels but did not quite realise what I was in for. I found each obstacle challenging my strength in unexpected ways as I tried to manoeuvre myself through various obstacles to complete the course.

MegaAdventure Singapore

MegaAdventure Singapore

MegaAdventure Singapore

MegaAdventure Singapore

The MegaJump station is at a height of 5 metres. The experience is supposed to be akin to a free-fall bungee jump but with the difference being that one is attached to a wire cable. The descent is quick and I experienced a very smooth landing. I can’t really say I experienced a free-fall sensation since the harness was pulling me back – after all, nothing truly compares to a parachute jump experience from a plane ride.

MegaAdventure Singapore

MegaAdventure Singapore

The world famous MegaZip is a 450 metre long and 75 metre high zip line that crosses the lush jungle of Sentosa Island at an exhilarating 60 km/h. The MegaZip platform, located at the peak of Imbiah Hill 75 metres above ground, provides an astonishing view over Sentosa Island. The zip line stretches over both the jungle, beach, and sea. The ride itself is just as thrilling as it is refreshing and whisked me 450 metres through the beautiful Singaporean landscape.

MegaAdventure Singapore


MegaAdventure Singapore

MegaAdventure Singapore

My day at the MegaAdventure Singapore was an exhilarating experience and truly pushed my fears to the limit while offering astonishing views over Sentosa Island. I am a long time fan of treetop parks but doing the obstacles in a picturesque setting such as Sentosa Island really added to the experience.

About MegaAdventure Singapore: 
– The park has been voted Top 10 Experiences in Singapore and received the 2019 TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Award.
– Located on Sentosa Island, Singapore.
– Home to Asia’s no.1 zipline
– Offers three aerial high ropes adventure courses varying from 5-15 metres in height.
– Also offers a 15-metre free-fall parachute jump, four trampolines, and a climbing wall.

Tips & Recommendations:
– The climate in Singapore is hot and humid. I visited during the hottest month of the year, and it got sweaty! I would recommend to wear tight-fitting cotton/linen clothing. Linen is lightweight and breathable, and the tight-fit will ensure you don’t get them caught on anything.
– The equatorial sun is very strong so make sure to re-apply sunscreen.
– If you want to bring an action camera such as a GoPro, make sure to mount it somewhere, as you will need both hands to complete the course and will have to rely on capturing hands-free shots.


  • Linda (LD Holland)

    We are very sorry we did not get to Sentosa Island when we were in Singapore. The high ropes adventure would have been so much fun. I am not afraid of heights but some of the obstacles might have challenged me. But the views from the zipline would have been worth a little fear.

  • Jennifer Prince

    This is SUCH a fun way to explore! I recently did this in Niagara Falls, and it was so fun. The adventure is unmatched as is the vantage point for sure.

  • Dada

    Wow, the MegaAdventure Singapore sounds amazing and something I would definitely do! And you know what, in two weeks I am doing a visa run to Singapore from Bali and I have now decided thanks to your post that will just stay a day extra in Singapore just to try this awesome adventure park!

  • Bhushavali N

    I’m super happy to read about this. I will be visiting Singapore soon.
    Ofcouse, Sentosa is in our S’pore wishlist, but I was confused on which activities should I go for, whilst I’m there. Thanks for this feature on Jungle Adventures. I wouldn’t miss it!

  • Kavita Favelle

    Love the look of this aerial adventure park in Singapore. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to do the zipwire but I bet the view is incredible. I think I might chicken out and just go in that cable car!

  • Yukti Agrawal

    I am not adventurous and have fear of height so will not opt for this but my husband and sons would go for it as they love such things a lot. Jungle Adventures At The High Ropes Adventure Park MegaAdventure Singapore looks perfect place for having adventure and that too in lush green natural surroundings. It is good you have suggested us on the climate of Singapore and definitely wear some cotton clothes and carry sunscreen too.

  • Clarice

    Oh! This is exciting. I would love to try the MegaJump. I have never tried bungee jumping and I guess it would be a great experience.

    I bet my husband would be thrilled to experience the MegaZip as well. Hope we get to include this on our itinerary during our next SG trip.

  • Parnashree Devi

    The place looks super exciting. So great to know that they have Asia’s no.1 zipline. I would love to try that. since i absolutely love doing ziplining. MegaJump station looks quite thrilling as well. I am sure that its a great choice for adventure junkies. Thanks for introducing it. I would love to visit this place soon.

  • Fae Celine

    I’ve been to sentosa Island in Singapore but I only visit the universal Studios Singapore. I would love to check this out on my next trip to Singapore. It sounds like a great experience

  • Archana Singh

    This post came right in time. I’ll be in Singapore next month and always in the lookout of cool experiences. This one seems right up my ally. I would love to do the 450-metre long MegaZip. Loved the fact you shared practical tips about planning your trip. They come very handy.

  • Shreya Saha

    I have always known Dubai to have largest, biggesr, tallest structures. But Singapore has nailed it here with MegaAdventures. I don’t think I am ever going to try MegaClimb, MegaJump or MegaZip. It’s crazily scary.

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