DestinationsAsia PacificPimann Buri Pool Villas – A Taste Of Krabi Opulence

Pimann Buri Pool Villas – A Taste Of Krabi Opulence

Pimann Buri Pool Villas is nestled in lush coconut groves in the picturesque Ao Nang, Krabi, surrounded by limestone karst cliffs, mangrove forests and idyllic offshore islands. The first thing that struck me about this property is how wonderfully secluded it is. Pimann Buri is tucked away in the midst of a tropical jungle atmosphere, only 10 minutes by car from Ao Nang town and Ao Nang Beach – away from the busy streets that are clogged up with hawkers. The air quality here is exceptionally cleaner than it is in the tourist streaks, and the neighborhood felt safe for strolling around. There is 24-hour security and all the 8 private villas are enclosed to offer privacy. It is really true that luxury places a premium on privacy and seclusion.

Villas & Suites

The hotel is a boutique accommodation, comprising 8 free-standing villas, all with private outdoor spaces and pools. I stayed in a two bedroom villa, which offered a serene atmosphere with over 137 square metres of living space, total privacy with gated outdoor spaces, and a beautiful garden of lush greenery and tropical plants. There was also a sparkling outdoor pool with a quirky unicorn float, as well as an open-air terrace with loungers and an outdoor shower.

Glorious floor-to-ceiling windows in the front and a charming French balcony in the back took in the amazing surrounds of Krabi’s mountainous landscape, while a spacious layout incorporated an open living, dining and kitchen space. My villa had two bedrooms and two bathrooms, both of which had either a walk-in shower or a free-standing bath.

The villa had all the amenities and appliances I could need, from beach towels, beach bags, slippers, and umbrellas, to a well-equipped kitchenette and a fully stocked fridge and minibar with an assortment of various snacks and beverages that were replenished daily. Should I need anything else, it was reassuring to know that the staff – kind and responsive – were just a quick phone call away.

The staff really takes care of you upon your arrival, and always see to it that you have everything you need throughout your stay. Attention to detail was strong – small extra touches such as towels folded to look like elephants and the presentation of the meals were appreciated and memorable.


What I liked about Pimann Buri is that you can choose to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner served in-villa by the Chef, which allowed me to indulge in delectable Thai cuisine without leaving the comfort and privacy of my villa. This is particularly important to me, as when I travel, I often travel to work, and simply do not have time to spend in restaurants. Think about everything that goes into eating at a restaurant – you have to transport yourself to the location, wait to be seated, for a waiter to come over, for the waiter to take your order, and then wait for another 40 – 60 minutes for the food to be served. When on a tight schedule, I really do not have the time or energy for this, and as much as I appreciate food, I much rather eat in the comfort of my villa and then spend the time I save on working or exploring my surroundings.

The breakfast was delightful and delivered to my villa each morning at a time of my choosing. I was served a delectable assortment of croissants, pancakes with syrup, omelet, bacon, yogurts, and beautifully cut fruit.

Thai cuisine needs little introduction. For lunch, we ordered in-room dining were and were keen to taste classic Thai dishes, such as Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with raisins and cashew nuts and Sweet and Sour Chicken – both really good.

The Pineapple dish was my favourite – I really fell for the intricate combination of sweet, caramelized pineapple and some subtle Thai spices. This dish is a classic and truly heavenly, and creatively served in a carved-out pineapple it is often served in Thailand.

For dinner, we sampled a set Thai menu that included crunchy Thai Spring Rolls, Massaman Curry, Tom Yum with sea bass fillets, Chicken Satay, Cashew Chicken, and delicious steamed rice. For dessert, we had a lovely seasonal fruit platter. For those who do not know, Chicken Satay is grilled chicken marinated in coconut milk and spices, Massaman Curry is a thick stew with chicken and potato and a mild, slightly sweet flavour.  and Tom Yum is a soup with distinct hot and sour flavours, usually made with exciting ingredients such as lemongrass, lime juice and red chili peppers.

I learned that in Thailand, all dishes are shared and enjoyed together, so it is not like in Western cultures where each individual order a starter, main course or dessert only for him or herself. I much prefer the Thai way of eating, as it gives me an opportunity to sample all the dishes and taste a little bit of everything.

My favourite was probably the crispy spring rolls – nothing beats spring rolls. The filling was savory and the pastry was super thin and crunchy, just the way I like it. The stirred-fried Cashew Chicken was also delectable, and by adding some chili the dish really popped without blowing out my palate. As always, the table was nicely laid out and the food was presenting in an attractive way.

For our last night at Pimann Buri, the lovely Chef and kitchen staff organised a private pool-deck BBQ for us at the villa. There was one live cooking station where the Chef stood and grilled meat, complemented by a large BBQ-themed buffé table, set under the summer star-filled night sky. It was a very cozy dining experience like no other.

As an allergic, I am always a little anxious that restaurants and hotels will not be able to accommodate my allergy, but I feel that the awareness of food allergies has greatly improved and was happy to see that the staff were conscientious about my dietary restrictions and made some customization of their seafood BBQ-menu.

The menu included Asian fusion dishes as well as some well known western dishes and seafood options, such as grilled sea bass and corn on the cob. The formal presentation of the food was exquisite – for example, the fruit platter consisted of elegantly carved fruits, decorated with flowers, and each plate with food was neatly built with close attention to the details.

Recreational Activities

Krabi has everything you need. If you want to jungle trekking, Krabi offers that opportunity. If you want to relax by pristine beaches, Krabi has that for you too! Adventurous travellers can opt for exploring mangrove forests, go River Rafting in Songprak River or Hiking in Dragon Crest Mountain Trail. Whatever your preferences are, there is something for everyone. In fact, Pimann Buri offers the service “We Create Your Program“, in which they can tailor tours & activities to suit your interests and itinerary. Choose between island hopping, cooking classes, elephant encounters, and sightseeing tours – either way, it is a fantastic way to discover stunning locations in Krabi.

If you prefer to explore the area at your own pace, the hotel has mountain bikes that you can borrow. I did this one evening and it turned out to be such an exciting way to see some nearby locations, as you can venture out of the touristy areas of Krabi and get a peek of the local life. The adrenaline really kicked in as I took that first pedal stroke, as I was swishing past lush green rainforests and panoramic mountain views. Having a mountain bike to explore with really added to my holiday, and left me with beautiful photos and memories to last a lifetime. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

I didn’t have a specific itinerary in mind, and so stumbled upon a beautiful botanical garden.

The garden created a mystical and magical scene at night, akin to an Avatar backyard metropolis.

A cool and lush green garden.

The lights created a surreal, glow like effect you see in Avatar.

Wherever I went, there was a a magical midnight scene.

The setting really gave me that otherworldly feel

Final Thoughts

With a private villa like one at Pimann Buri, you get all the perks as you get with a hotel – and then some. There is no cut off time for breakfast, dinner and lunch, because you can order in-room dining whenever you fancy. You don’t need to stress to get a spot by the pool where all sun loungers are covered with towels- because you have your own private pool.

Pimann Buri was my own private piece of luxury and turned out to be much more than a place to stay – it is a destination in itself. I sincerely wish I get an opportunity to one day return.


  • Meri - Beyond the Auroras

    The hotel looks really nice, especially the pool. I absolutely love room service so good food in house is a key! I’d definitely consider staying here.

    • Nordh

      Room service is absolutely the best ? so convenient. Happy to hear you’d consider staying here.

  • Katie

    I love the styling – but the big draw for me is the direct pool access! I would be in that pool like a shot!

  • anshul

    Wow, amazing place. It looks like a perfect blend of comfort and luxury. I would really love to visit a property like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nordh

      It was a nice play to stay at and so close to the airport meant I could go plane-watching! So cool!

  • Jane

    Stunning accommodation and one I would really enjoy staying in. The interior design thoughtfully created to give a zen like feel. The food looked amazing. I will definitely bookmark this accommodation. Thank you.

    • Nordh

      So glad you enjoyed this and thank you for bookmarking. The food was amazing and I truly enjoyed it, hope fully you will too.

  • Shreya Saha

    Pimann buri is surely a heavenly place in Krabi. I love Villa holidays. Engraved in a coconut forest, this place would be an ideal vacation for me. The food looks really delicious. Thai food – my fav after all! The rooms are spacious and grand, plus the pool – all what I can ask for in a weekend vacation in Krabi.

    • Nordh

      I love villa holidays too! Glad to hear you enjoyed the article and hopefully you will find your way to this place next time you’re in Krabi!

  • Cat

    We usually choose our travel destination based on the recreational activities available. Hiking the Dragon Crest Mountain Trail will probably take most of our time but it’s top on the list. If we have time, we will explore the mangrove forests.

    • Nordh

      I also like to choose my travel destination based on the recreational activities available. The mangrove forests were amazing and the hiking trail is one not to miss!

  • Leah

    Wow- this sounds like such a stunning place to stay! Your photos are really beautiful! The rooms sound really perfect. I prefer to have a kitchenette when I travel, so this sounds really great. I also like the Thai way of eating and sharing dishes with one another!

    • Nordh

      Thank you, happy you enjoyed the place and liked my photos. I too liked the Thai way of eating and sharing dishes between one another, that custom is one I took with me home.

  • Arnav Mathur

    Pimann Buri Pool Villas is definitely something which I would like to experience for myself too. The interiors look so modern and plush, and the food complements the vibe completely. Staying at such a luxurious oasis in Krabi, will definitely be the highlight of anyones trip for sure.

    • Nordh

      I would love to go back someday myself too. It was such an experience, definitely a highlight of the trip.

  • blair villanueva

    Your photos are great validation for me to start booking my flight going to this place! The opulence is obviously incredible and definitely I am now a fan 😀 You did a great job in capturing its beauty.

    • Nordh

      So happy to hear you like my photos! I really appreciate the feedback and encouragement!

  • David

    These pictures look absolutely amazing! The thought of having your own chef to cook you things is so cool. I’ll be sure to check out the Pimann Buri Pool Villas when I’m back in Thailand

    • Nordh

      It was an amazing place! The chef was so very much appreciated and it was nice to socialize with some locals as well. Yes, make sure to check out the Pimann Buri Pool Villas next time you’re in Thailand!

  • Amar singh

    Absolutely a cracker of a post and an equally amazing place to ha e a holiday if in krabi. I have visited Thailand extensively and I must say the Pimann Buri Pool Villas is just out of this world. Love the white decor of the rooms and the blue pool which adds colour and ever so inviting. The food looks amazing as well and being a great fan of Thai cuisine just wants me to go there immediately and try it out. Overall the plane looks very chik and classy. Thanks for sharing a great place to spend a grand holiday.

    • Nordh

      Yes, truly an amazing place to stay at in Krabi. Serene and beautifully lush. The food was top notch and I loved how it was cooked live in our villa garden by the chef and chef’s assistance. It was also very nice to socialize with local people.

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