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Marina Express Aviator Hotel – All the Fun Without Any Turbulence

I often hear that life isn’t about the destination, but more about the journey – and come to think of it, some hotels have taken this philosophy a step further by basing their properties on the theme of aviation. A such hotel is the Marina Express Aviator, a quirky aviator-inspired property, conveniently located nearby Phuket International Airport.


I decided to stay at the Marina Express Aviator during my last day in Phuket, as I had an early flight the next morning and the location provided to be ideal – as it is situated in a quiet street a mere 15-minute walk from the airport, yet only 850 metres from Naiyang Beach. Splash Jungle Water Park is also nearby (2 km), as is Sirinath National Park (1 km).

Naiyang Beach is a serene bay popular with Thai locals. The area is picturesquely fringed with casuarina trees which provides a much appreciated shade. Some parts of the beach are actually located inside the Sirinath National Park, making it an unexploited and relaxed spot.

All in all, the location is very convenient if you are planning to stay there for one night, arriving in Phuket late or leaving early in the morning, but still wish to maximise your stay and do and see more with the little time you have left.

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME

The Hotel

Due to its unique position near the airport, the Marina Express Aviator has an interesting design layout and interior, drawing on the aesthetics of the 1940’s. The aviation-theme is evident from the moment you step into the lobby and I felt like I was transported into a World War II flick. Rooms and common areas very beautifully decorated with aviation-themed artworks and bric-a-bracs, which truly captured the nostalgia of 1940’s travel.

The hotel comprises of 108 rooms which are equipped with a king-size bed, satellite TV, a sofa seating area, a fridge, en suite bathroom and more.

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME

Marina Express Aviator Hotel  | NORDH.ME

I stayed in a Deluxe Pool Access Room, which provided all the basic amenities. Take note, I made full use of the private balcony with direct entrance into the swimming pool, as I opened up the French windows and jumped into the pool in no more than five steps from the door. I completely love the indigenous idea of a room with direct pool access, and fell in love with the small on-water lounging deck that added a sense of pure relaxation. The poolside deck comes complete with comfy sun beds, where you can enjoy summer drinks and light poolside snacks while lounging under the palm trees.

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME

The outdoor pool.

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME

The room had direct pool access

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME

The pool was no more than five steps from the door.


Marina Express Aviator offers guests a whole host of amenities, including a small fitness center with exercise machines, a The Harbour Café, a pool, a terrace bedecked with loungers, conference centre and meeting rooms. Swimming can work up quite a thirst, and so the hotel provides exotic fruit juices, which can be imbibed just by the pool. There were beautiful walkways under the palm trees, which gave an exotic feel to the setting.

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME

The Deluxe Pool Access Room has a a balcony with direct access to the pool.

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME

The terrace bedecked with loungers

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME

The pool was lined by palm trees

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME


For dinner, I opted for in-room dining, as I am fond of the effortlessness and privacy it allows me, as well as the luxury to eat outside of regular restaurant hours. I sampled the a la carte room service menu, which is available throughout the day, and tried a variety of Western meals, all by the Chef’s Recommendation. I was first served a seafood dish, which was not a hit since I am allergic to seafood. Instead I feasted on a sausage mini pizza, a BBQ-hamburger, a sallad – and not least, a delicious Banana Split Waffles – my favourite. Everything was quickly prepared and I really enjoyed the convenience of eating in the room.

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME
Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME

Marina Express Aviator Hotel | NORDH.ME


All in all, The Marina Express Aviator is an intimate, quirky-designed boutique hotel in an ideal setting for those who want the convenience of staying one night at an airport hotel, yet be close to beaches and attractions. It offers a lot in the line of comfort and the facilities are geared toward making your stay more enjoyable. This is much appreciated when you have just survived a long flight and in search of a well-deserved respite away from the hustle and bustle. Next time I am heading on a long journey, I would definitely consider an airport hotel such as the Marina Express Aviator.


  • Daniel

    What an amazing place! I’ll be heading to Phuket next year and will surely check this place out. I definitely wouldn’t mind spending a few days here.

    • Nordh

      Have a wonderful time in Phuket, I’m sure you will love it! Do let me know if you end up visiting this place, would be great fun to hear.

  • Clarice

    This is definitely a nice place to stay. I may be traveling to Phuket in the 2nd quarter of this year so, I will consider this. Love that is very close to the airport. I hate traveling early for a flight.

    Also Would take note to get the room with the pool access too. Thank you for sharing.

    • Nordh

      If you want to stay close to the airport, it sure is a good option. So happy to hear you are going to Phuket! The weather should be quite nice then. Happy to hear you will consider staying here and that my review was helpful.

  • Kavita Favelle

    We also stayed a night in that area close to Phuket airport, but didn’t know about the Marina Express Aviator. I really love their subtly airflight themed decor, the styling is great. The rooms with pool access look great, such a nice way of enjoying the pool facilties without dripping back to one’s room via the corridors! Good that their dining is decent too.

    • Nordh

      Oh really? Would love to know where you stayed. I loved the pool and that it was a few footsteps away from my room, but those waffles and ice-cream was probably the best part of my stay ?

  • Sydney

    Looks like a great place for an overnight stay near the airport. I love the direct access to the pool, I would jump in the water first thing as soon as I get up 🙂

    • Nordh

      Airport hotel are always so convenient. My flight was super early, and it was such a nice experience to stay somewhere so nicely tucked away yet so close to the airport I could’ve walked.

  • Bhushavali N

    I love such themed hotels. I’ve been to one Aviation themed restaurant. Now, thanks to you, l come to know of a hotel! This is indeed interesting.
    I hope to visit Thailand and other eastern countries next year. I’ll try to book a room here.
    Pool access room and private balcony??? Ok. No more trying business, I’m definitely booking a room here!

    • Nordh

      Glad I could introduce you to a new hotel! I am also keen on themed hotels as it makes my stay more memorable. I hope you get to visit Thailand and SEA soon!

  • Jane Dempster-Smith

    What a great idea! Normally hotels close to airports arent that exciting. Love the idea you can jump from bedroom to pool. Definitely will put this hotel on our list when next visiting Phuket.

    • Nordh

      I share that sentiment. Airport hotels tend to be lacking in character, but I really enjoyed the Marina Express. The pool and the room service made my stay, it’s all in the details!

  • Sinjana Ghosh

    The hotel looks absolutely amazing. Its location is so ideal for tourists- walkable from the airport and the beach! The platter of delicacies on your bed is so awesome! The waffles with choco syrup – just wow!

    • Nordh

      It’s a really convenient location, tuckey away from the mayhem, yet close enough so you can take a stroll to the beach or airport. And the waffles were delicious!

  • Nafisa Habib

    Good to read all about Marina Express Aviator. It sounds perfect to enjoy the relaxing time at such type of boutique hotel before the long haul flight. Cool interior and also offering all standard amenities.

  • Lisa

    This looks like a great choice for Phuket! I love the name and that the decor matches (slightly) too! I’m a boutique traveler so this also would be a good choice for me. Love the photos of the food too!

    • Nordh

      It’s a great choice for sure if having an early or late flight. I found it very convenient. Thank you, glad you liked the photos!

  • Amy Chung

    What a great find and so close to the airport! Love the decor and the colours… weird how that all adds up to the overall impression of a hotel! Also love the idea that the room has direct access to the pool. My daughter would love that and I can watch her from the comfort of my room! We love room service too. Just something so decadent about food being delivered to your room and being allowed to eat on your bed.

  • Jean

    What an epic location. I always get so nervous taking early morning flights so like to stay nice and close. Will definetly be booking in here and ordering room service on my next trip to Phuket

    • Nordh

      Location was 5*! I also get nervous whenever I have an early flight, and with Phuket traffic, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Annick

    The Marina Express Aviator hotel near the Phuket airport was the perfect place to stay for an early morning flight or late arrival. The pool area is welcoming. I’m amazed by the variety of food you were able to order from room service. Airport hotels can be a hit or a miss but this one was certainly a hit! Great recommendation.

    • Nordh

      Thank you for your comment! The pool was such a nice touch, not to mention the food!

  • Anda

    I am not surprised to see how well appointed and comfortable Marina Express Aviator Hotel is. We also stay in hotels close to the airports if we have an early flight the following day. Most hotels around the airports are excellent: good price, great amenities and convenient location. But Marina Express Aviator Hotel also has the advantage of being very close to the beach, which is great.

    • Nordh

      Airport hotels are so convenient and I loved that this one had some nice touches such as the pool and being very close to the beach.

  • blair villanueva

    This seems a very nice hotel, and convenient coz it is near the airport. I will consider this next time I fly to Phuket.

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